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Our Customers know that they can always avail themselves of our vast experience, by Telephoning or e-mail us on the Web. Please at normal working hours her in Italy. To us it is of great primary importance to make great consideration that the company of a Westy it’s temperament and character can be enjoyed by everyone! In our experience this is the correct attitude from the W.H.W.T. which can never be overlooked!

Often a simple little problem can look enormous, for those that do not have a vast experience of the breed. Just a phone call away from us and we can help you place everything in prospective. We ask all of our Customers to bring back their New Puppies at 6 – 7 months of age, We will strip them free so we are always able to keep a close eye on all of our different blood lines so we can evaluate their growth also their appearance etc.

This enables us to evaluate all of our stock so we can find out from you if we have achieved the ultimate in our breeding program. Meanwhile we make sure that the Customer realizes exactly how a Westy must be groomed stripped and maintained for the rest of their lives! On this we place in the highest of IMPORTANCE. It is always such a pleasure to see our home breed young stock back in our home.

Since 1993 we put all our efforts into selecting healthy, typical and beautiful puppies.
Since 1993 we put all our efforts into selecting healthy, typical and beautiful puppies.
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