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Why a westy?

A Westy is an extremely clever and sensible little being. A Westy is likely to give us all of his love at all times. A Westy always gives all of his commitment to anything, especially to your youngest of children or anyone who is extremely ill in a household!
A Westy can be your only child’s best friend and confidant without any reservations! A Westy will always find the one in the Family that is unwell that needs his constant companionship.
A Westy does not shed his coat if kept constantly hand stripped ! A Westy is an Ideal companion dog for those that have a severe allergy If your behavior is correct towards him/her and you follow our guidelines He Will never be a problem to you or anyone else! By his own wonderful extrovert nature He always remains happy, and in this very simple way this Happiness is very infectious towards you and others!

The westy is really special

When He is jealous, or when He tries to make us understand he is offended by drawing our attention to him he becomes so clownishly funny! Remember this is not like any other dog You have ever owned. He is a massive dog placed into a little dogs jacket! We know by our experiences that the Westy is a Wonderful Antidepressant. He never attacks others But if he is tormented He is so sure of himself he will take on others far larger than himself. You and your Westy will always benefit from your quality time spent together !

Our two Children will always come first on our list of priorities! In the last four years we have accumulated 19 titles of CHAMPIONS plus 2 Top Dog Awards also Top Producer Champion in our breed W.H.W.T. It is not our wish to bore you with all of our CHAMPIONS As all of our blood lines are completely selected by us.

Please be sure to tell us that you are contemplating an extra high quality Highlander as you are thinking of showing! All of our Dogs are true quality specimens of their breed type.

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