First steps - Allevamento la Rossella
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Our puppies – First steps

We take such great care of our new puppies in our special intensive care puppy unit! Where we can avail ourselves to give twenty four hours, or the total constant companionship if and as the new mothers and puppies may require! We are extremely strict with our worming program for the rest of our stock as well! But of course most importantly for your new puppies. They will undergo at the very least 4  doses of round worming medicines, We do find this most important as for the well being and the correct growth rate of your/our puppies and adults throughout their lives. Our motto is not to feed the worms feed the Dog! Your Puppies will come to you after having the two injections. This means they will be fully Vaccinated, so the moment they arrive in your arms you will not have to wait long to show off your new La-Rossella Westy Puppies.

We also ensure that your puppies have been sprayed with ‘Front Line’ this is such a wonderful product on the market today. It stops your House being infested with Fleas also your dog with ticks for 1- 4 months (please read the label on the product to see how to use it correctly! ) Your puppy will also come to you with a totally complete Veterinary health check, by one of the head of the largest and one of ‘ The Best Equipped Veterinary Practice’. Remember this is just one of our primary convictions to you? We do promise to sell you all only the Best La-Rossella West Highland White Terrier that You deserve with no Hereditary Problems!

Want to see our Westies in action?
Want to see our Westies in action?
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